Pockie Ninja 2 Social Hack and Cheat

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Pockie Ninja 2 Hack

Pockie Ninja 2 Hack


What is Pockie Ninja 2 Social ?

With over 900,000 monthly active users, Pockie Ninja II Social is proving a popular social destination for Naruto fans to hang out and compete for glory. Pockie Ninja II Social offers players a Facebook-exclusive Naruto style adventure, where friends can band together – or compete against one another – to raise armies of well known anime characters and build villages in a bid to conquer the social ninja world.

All ninjas are permitted to own the new Spirit Weapons, with each player class – Taijutsu, Weapon and Ninjutsu – receiving a style unique to them. Spirit Weapons are divided into 3 kinds: Free Spirit; Ryo Spirit; and Gold Spirit, the stats of which are the highest.

Handled correctly, Spirit Weapons play a powerful part in defending and assaulting villages. Their stats can be carefully levelled up by gaining spirit through spending Ryo or Gold, which in turn can enhance the stats of the ninja wielding them.

Each type of spirit weapon has special passive skills attached to it, allowing players to gain the upper hand in Pockie Ninja II Social’s carefully balance rock-paper-scissors style battle system. Ninjutsu players can use their weapon to raise the damage they can deal to Weapon class players, while Weapon class players can use their spirit weapon to counter that with increased damage to ninjutsu’s – or opt for a more magical approach by giving it the skill to raise HP and Attack attributes. A team of players carrying well balanced Spirit Weapons that complement each others play styles is a force to be reckoned with.

Every time a spirit weapon is levelled up, so is the power of its attached skills. Gold spirit weapons require the least levelling up to achieve maximum skill effectiveness.


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Changelog :

  • May 3 2013 – Automatic game update
  • May 2 2013 – Automatic game update
  • May 1 2013 – Automatic game update
  • April 21 2013 – Added New Features
  • April 20 2013 – Added New Features