Jetpack Joyride Coins Cheats

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jetpack joyride coins cheats

jetpack joyride coins cheats


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Working As Of :


Jetpack Joyride IPHONE Cheats

Unlockable – Achievements

A Man, my Son – Finish all the missions, and start again.
Alpha Charlie Echo – Fly over 2kms.
Angry Wings – Get the profit bird twice in one game.
Big Spender – Spend over 50,000 coins.
Blinged Out – Buy a golden vehicle upgrade. (Secret)
Bullseye – Get a score of exactly 200m.
Class Act – Fly over 1km, sporting the top hat, classy suit and traditional jetpack.
Crazy Freaking Skills – Get a best distance of over 800m in the CFT.
Dragon Fruit – Ride Mr Cuddles while sporting the Fruit Jetpack. (Secret)
Fallout – Win 3 atom blasts
Foam Party – Fly a total of 10kms with the bubble gun jetpack.
For Science – Knock over 1000 scientists.
Fuzzy Locks – Get fried 99 times
Germaphobe – Fly 2km, without touching any coins, scientists or tokens.
Gold Digger – Collect 20 coins while dead.
Good Work, Muscat – Open and close the main menu slider 10 times.
Good Work, Sierra – Stare at the main shop screen for 2 minutes.
Good Work, Woody – Run into the bottom obstacles 3 times in a row.
Happy Snap – Save an action shot to your camera roll.
High Roller – Lose the final spin 100 times total.
Hippy – Take a trip in the rainbow jetpack and don’t collect any coins.
James Who? – Buy 2 jetpacks.
Marathon – Fly a total of 50kms
Not so Green – Complete 10 missions
Pretty Woman – Buy a matching set of clothing. (Secret)
Road Trip – Accumulate a total of 10kms on the hog
Romeo Alpha Delta – Fly over 5kms.
Spice of Life – Take a ride in every vehicle in the game.
Tee Hee Two – Collect exactly 69 coins. (Secret)
Toastie – Get toasted by a missle 3 times in a row
Veteran – Complete 40 missions


Jetpack Joyride ANDROID Cheats

Coin Spin

Always win spin coin slots: when the slot is spinning, you have to pull the slot when the arrow is at the side of the slot. The slot must touch the bottom when the arrow on the side is on the bottom. (being pulled) to win that is what you do.

Badge List

001 Lonely Badge of Singularity
002 Double Badge of Rainbows
003 Sleepy Badge of Naps
004 Quadruple Badge of Bypass
005 Funky Badge of Jazz
006 Delicious Badge of Custard
007 Not so Lucky Badge
008 Prestigious Badge of Bacon
009 Sparkly Badge of Learning
010 New Badge of Double Digits
011 Annual Badge of Celebration
012 Dogs Badge of Walks
013 Super Lucky Badge
014 Adventurous Badge of Travel
015 Shiny Badge of Honor
016 Shiny Badge of Completion
017 Shiny Badge of Achievement
018 Momentous Badge of Age
019 Shiny Badge of Excellence
020 Shiny Badge of Courage
021 Tipsy Badge of Celebration
022 Shiny Badge of Persistence
023 Shiny Badge of Resilience
024 Shiny Badge of Skill
025 Shiny Badge of Accomplishment
026 Shiny Badge of Dexterity
027 Shiny Badge of Technique
028 Shiny Badge of Prowess
029 Shiny Badge of Finesse
030 Shiny Badge of Aptitude
031 Shiny Badge of Talent
032 Shiny Badge of Sparkles
033 Shiny Badge of Greatness
034 Golden Frothing Badge
035 Shiny Badge of Deliciousness
036 Shiny Badge of Curiosity
037 Shiny Badge of Inspiration
038 Shiny Badge of Love
039 Shiny Badge of Creativity
040 Crisis Badge of Midlife
041 Shiny Badge of Brilliance
042 Badge of Meaning
043 Shiny Badge of Delight
044 Shiny Badge of Superiority
045 Great Badge of Honor
046 Great Badge of Completion
047 Great Badge of Achievement
048 Great Badge of Excellence
049 Great Badge of Courage
050 Great Badge of Persistence
051 Great Badge of Resilience
052 Great Badge of Skill
053 Great Badge of Accomplishment
054 Great Badge of Dexterity
055 Ominous Badge of Assassination
056 Great Badge of Technique
057 Great Badge of Prowess
058 Great Badge of Finesse
059 Great Badge of Aptitude
060 Great Badge of Talent
061 Great Badge of Sparkles
062 Great Badge of Greatness
063 Great Badge Of Deliciousness
064 Great Badge of Curiosity
065 Great Badge of Inspiration
066 Great Badge of Love
067 Great Badge of Creativity
068 Great Badge of Brilliance
069 Racy Badge of Controversy
070 Great Badge of Delight
071 Great Badge of Superiority
072 Special Badge of Honour
073 Special Badge of Completion
074 Special Badge of Achievement
075 Special Badge of Excellence
076 Special Badge of Courage
077 Special Badge of Persistence
078 Special Badge of Resilience
079 Special Badge of Skill
080 Special Badge of Accomplishment
081 Special Badge of Dexterity
082 Special Badge of Technique
083 Special Badge of Prowess
084 Best Badge of Birth
085 Special Badge of Finesse
086 Funny Green Badge
087 Special Badge of Aptitude
088 Special Badge of Talent
089 Special Badge of Sparkles
090 Special Badge of Greatness
091 Special Badge of Deliciousness
092 Special Badge of Curiosity
093 Special Badge of Inspiration
094 Special Badge of Love
095 Special Badge of Creativity
096 Special Badge of Brilliance
097 Special Badge of Delight
098 Special Badge of Superiority
099 Devastating Badge of Bradman
100 Badge of the Centurion
101 Shiny Badge of Spotted Dogs
102 Awesome Badge of Awesomeness
103 Heroic Badge of Heroes
104 Glorious Badge of Glory
105 Wonderful Badge of Wonder
106 Great Badge of Greatness
107 Amazing Badge of Amazement
108 Familiar Badge of Imagery
109 Brave Badge of Bravery
110 Lucky Badge of Luck
111 Prestigious Badge of Prestige
112 Honourable Badge of Honour
113 Warm Badge of Summer
114 Freezing Badge of Winter
115 Historic Badge of Fruit
116 Historic Badge of Sensei
117 Historic Badge of Raskullyness
118 Historic Badge of Zombies
119 Historic Badge of Echoes
120 Historic Badge of Racing Rockets
121 Historic Badge of Blasting Off
122 Woody’s Badge of Programming
123 Sierra’s Badge of Art
124 Muscat’s Badge of Design
125 Last Badge of the Collection