Guild Wars 2 Leveling Bot With PvP Quest Radar Hack has come out once again with the worlds first Guild Wars 2 Leveling Bot. This time is the worlds first leveling bot and radar hack. Well there are other bots already out there you say, well thats a lie because those bots actually are only half a bot and this is why. Those bot creators did not release a full working bot that hunts by names. Instead they just have your bot hitting shift and trying to find something to attack. This is not only extremely detectable, it also wont let you hunt for specific mobs. Well the Guild Wars 2 Farming Bot here at Gamehackerz will allow you to selectively hunt mobs and give you a reaction time that is natural to how a player plays. This has resulted in our bots never being detected. Also we have the first radar hack that will actually detect mobs and other players with ease. Just image how much you will dominate PvP now.

guild wars 2 levelling bot

Guild Wars 2

Guild Wars 2 Leveling Bot System Requirements

  • Windows XP 32Bit
  • Windows XP 64 Bit
  • Windows Vista 32 Bit
  • Windows Vista 64 Bit
  • Windows 7 32 Bit
  • Windows 7 64 Bit
  • Windows 8
  • Mac

Compatible Servers

  • North American
  • European
  • Oceanic Servers
  • Asian Servers
  • Most Private Servers

Guild Wars 2 Hunting / Leveling Bot Major Features

  • Memory / Offset Based Leveling Bot – This is a fully created bot from the ground up and was the official first GW2 Bot on the market. This is NOT an GW2 Pixel Bot.
  • Ability To Bot As Any GW2 Class – You can now bot as any class you want and not just with ranged combat.
  • Built In GW2 Radar Hack – You can now see pretty much everything with this radar, use it to help you find specific mobs, or use it in the game to complete a certain quest twice as fast.
  • The Best Priced GW2 Bot Out There – Other bots just create a quick script thats not even a real bot and sell it for far more than its worth. We believe in a fair price, so we charge the lowest price for a bot out there and we give you access to EVERY bot we have supported or will support with your active membership.
  • Make Money Using The GW2 Bot For Gold Farming – Run the bot for one week and use it to kill mobs and make you GOLD. The bot will pay for itself easily. Or if you want some extra cash use the bot to create your own Gold selling company.



Working As Of :

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