Guild Wars 2 Domination Guide

Guild wars 2 domination guide will give you a complete guide to the game so you are able to see all of the content fast…

You just found the Most complete guide for guild wars 2 on the web !


guild wars 2 domination guide

guild wars 2 domination guide


Whether you have JUST picked the game up or know the ropes a little from playing the BETA this guide will help you make the most of your time in Tyria!

What Is Guild Wars 2 Domination Guide?

  • Guild Wars 2 Domination is a gaming guide for Guild Wars 2 designed by REAL gamers! You may have seen some of our other gaming guides such as the #1 guide for SWTOR called SWTOR Savior!
  • GW2 Domination will also give you a step by step power leveling guide through the game! We cover every area, every quest and GUARANTEE the FASTEST route through the game!
  • We give you a complete guide to the game covering all aspects that you will need to know about from start to finish – whether you want to see the content as fast as possible via speed leveling or you want to master PVP and get the best items!
  • Maybe the items and gear in the game are more your thing? The guide will show you how to master crafting, professions and the Trading Post to make sure you amass the best items and get a HUGE stack of gold fast!
  • A full guide to the 5 different playable races and which one you should go with to suit your playstyle!
  • Full guide to the combat system and how to get off on the right foot for fast levelling and to master PVP!
  • Dynamic Events guide included that will make sure you always stay in the thick of the action in the game and get the best rewards!
  • Achievements and Mini-pets guide to make sure you get all of the awesome items up for grabs!


Why pick the GW2 domination guide who are we ?

  • When a new game, especially a new MMORG is released there seems to be a lot of guides released all at once. The problem is how do you choose between clever marketing ploys or advertising to make sure you get a decent guide?
  • With Guild Wars 2 Domination you are getting the same level of quality that took our SWTOR Domination guide to #1 out of all of the available the Star Wars The Old Republic Guides!
  • In short we live and breathe gaming and more importantly are constantly playing the game and improving our levelling route, guides and updating with every patch.
  • Also as GW2 updates with each patch as soon as we are able we will be adding an in game levelling add on!
  • The other thing that sets GW2 Domination apart is the fact that you get FREE updates! Most guides will either charge for updates or worse still not update at all!
  • As Guild Wars 2 is going to be constantly updated we will also update the guides to make sure you level fast, get the best items and dominate the game no matter what patch we are on!


What do you get with the gw2 domination guide?

  • GW2 Domination gives you a guide to ALL aspects of Guild Wars 2 and the world of Tyria from the outset.
  • GW2 Domination gives you a guide to ALL aspects of Guild Wars 2 and the world of Tyria from the outset.
  • You will learn about the different races in the game and which one you should pick to match your playstyle.
  • The professions in the game and how they work as well as which ones are best for your toon!
  • We also give you a complete character attribute guide that will help you with gearing up and making sure you are a force while leveling and in PVP.
  • You will also get a leveling guide for the ENTIRE game! Step by step through the entire game with all races! We GUARANTEE the fastest route through the game!
  • A Trading Post Profits guide will help you to use the equivalent of the Auction House in GW2 from the very start to make sure you are always kitted out in the best gear, with the best weapons and items in the game!
  • There is also a complete crafting guide that will show you how to level all crafting professions properly and this in turn will help you get the best items. We also show you how to farm the items to get a head start in the game!
  • We also cover World vs. World and PVP in the game to make sure you always stay on top of the game and dominate!
GW2 Domination guide will give you :

Beginner’s Guide

  • Whether you are new to Guild Wars 2 or a seasoned pro this part of the guide will help you and give you an introduction to the races and the professions you should pick to match your playstyle. This will start you off on the right foot to level cap!

Speed Leveling Guide

  • We have a step by step levelling guide for the ENTIRE game that will allow you to SPEED LEVEL through the content. Once the game is released we will update with levelling content daily and FREE updates so you ALWAYS have the fastest route and be updated for the latest patch! We are also working on an leveling in game add on to make leveling EVEN faster!

In Depth Crafting Guide

  • We show you EXACTLY how the crafting system works and how to level it properly as well as how to gather the much needed materials quickly. This will help you get the best items fast and increase your EXP further!

Builds Guide

  • We give you an intro to the builds system and explain the character attributes as well as equipment attributes so you know EXACTLY what stats to level and focus on to become unstoppable in the game!

Cooking Guide

  • Sooner or later in the game you will need to know how to cook! This is an awesome mini game that gives some awesome rewards! We show you how to level cooking fast and to get the best rewards in no time!

Dynamic Events Guide

  • One of the things that sets Guild Wars 2 apart is the Dynamic events! We show you how to make sure you are in the thick of things winning up the best gear and items and taking down EPIC bosses!

PVP Guide

  • With most MMORG’s one of the best ways to win up items and weapons in the game is through PVP, Guild Wars 2 is no different and we will give you an introduction into PVP and how to start winning from the outset!

Trading Post Profits

  • If you really want to level cooking, crafting and have the best gear in the game you need to know how to use the Trading Post (Auction House) we will give you a full guide to the trading post and how it works so you can start becoming a tycoon as soon as you log in!



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