Dragon City Complete Farm and Food Guide

Dragon City Food is one of the most important resources in the game. In a nutshell, you need food to upgrade yourDragon City dragons so that they can produce more gold for you over time. In this guide, we will walk you through every possible ways of obtaining food in Dragon City. If you have found this food making guide for Dragon City helpful, please share them with your online and Social point game friends! Please remember to always link back to us and check out the rest of our Dragon City guides prepared just for you.

Dragon City Farm Houses

The best way to generate and grow food in Dragon City is through your farm houses, depending on your Dragon City level, you are allowed to build multiples of food farms as well as upgrading them to a higher level. The food farms are divided in the following tiers:

FarmBuilding UnlockLevel GoldCost EXPGain
Food Farm 1 100 100
Big Food Farm 8 25,000 25,000
Huge Food Farm 18 500k 250k

Food Growth Analysis for Dragon City
Below is a list of all the food that you can grow in Dragon City, use this list to figure out the best food for you to make in Dragon City. In general, the higher level food farms will grow more food under a shorter period of time at greater cost ratio of gold. My personal favorite of Dragon City food growth is 6 hours which is before the gold cost ratio jump. However, the bottom line is that if you have spare gold, you should go for the highest level foods to get the fastest food gain over time.

FoodName FarmType HarvestTime GoldPrice


FoodGain XPEarned Foodper





Dragon Bell Food Farm 30 sec 50 10 25 1200 5
Hot Dragon Chili Food Farm 5 Minutes 250 50 250 600 5
Caterpillar Lily Food Farm 30 Minutes 1000 150 1000 300 6.6
Unicorn Horn BigFood Farm 2 Hours 5000 400 5000 200 12.5
Ladybird Blossom BigFood Farm 6 Hours 15000 1000 15000 166 15
Rainbow Flower BigFood Farm 12 Hours 75000 3000 75000 250 25
Spike Balls HugeFood Farm 24 Hours 500000 10000 250000 416 50
Flesh Eaters HugeFood Farm 36 Hours 1 Million 20000 500000 555 50
Star Shines HugeFood Farm 48 Hours 5 Million 100000 2.5 Million 2083 50

Dragon City Friends Free Gifts

You can earn Dragon City Foods through receiving free gifts from your friends in the game. At the time of writing, you can gift each other 1000 food per day.

Quests Rewards

For some of the Dragon City Quests, you can receive food as quest rewards.

Daily Log in bonus

You can receive some food as one of the daily log in bonus offered in Dragon City.

Gem Item Shop

Dragon City food can be purchased via the item shop under treasure tab. However you should really spend your Dragon City gems upgrading your hatchery or purchase the Ultra breeding tree to double the rate at which you can breed your dragons.

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