Dragon City Combat World Tournament Guide

Fighting in Combat World in Dragon City is one of the free way to earn some Dragon City Gems. In this guide, we will go over useful information and tips on how to master the game of Combat worlds. If you have found the Dragon City Combat world guide helpful, please check out the rest of our Dragon City guides.

Combat World Overview

The Combat World is a feature of Dragon City that let you fight through tiers of different dragons in the game. The stage selection appears to be semi random but will move up as you progress through the game, with the higher level stages being harder with stronger enemies.

The Combat World in Dragon City has a 12 hours cooldown for each tournament attempted. This means that you will have the cooldown regardless of whether you win or lose. Thus, make sure that you are on a good internet connection and good computer running condition. If your internet loses connection or Dragon City browser crashes during the tournament, you lose out the combat world tournament attempt.

When you win the combat world tournament, you will win 2 Dragon City gems, regardless of the level that you are on right now.

Dragon City Combat World Stages

This list will help you to determine the type of dragon to bring to the game. However, this list is only really helpful at the beginning and mid part of the game before you get your Legendary and Pure level dragons. Use our Dragon City breeding guide to learn how to get these.

Before you head into combat world battles, use the list to bring appropriate dragons into the battle field can hugely improve your chances of winning the combat world challenges in Dragon City.

Combat World Stages and Good Dragon to Bring
The Combat World have different tournaments that are noted by the type. Below is a list of dragons in general that you should bring to the fights. Please note that this list is not 100% of the time, but should act as a really good estimate based on Dragon City combat strength and weakness.

Earth: Ice & Metal
Fire: Electric & Water
Water: Fire & Dark (Level 4: Plant & Earth and Metal & Ice)
Emerald: Assorted:

  • Level 1: Ice & Metal, Electric & Water
  • Level 2: Electric & Water, Fire & Dark
  • Level 3: Ice & Metal, Fire & Dark, Electric & Water
  • Level 4: Electric & Water, Plant & Earth, Electric & Water

Plant: Earth & Ice
Electric: Assorted:

  • Level 1: Earth & Water, Plant & Water
  • Level 2: Fire & Dark, Electric & Water, Ice & Metal
  • Level 3: Metal & Ice, Electric & Dark, Electric & Water
  • Level 4: Earth & Ice, Electric & Dark, Plant & Water

Ice: Fire & Metal
Metal: Electric & Dark
Dark: Assorted

  • Level 1: Plant & Earth, Fire & Dark, Plant & Water
  • Level 2: Plant & Earth, Ice & Metal, Electric & Dark
  • Level 3: Fire & Dark, Ice & Metal, Plant & Water
  • Level 4: Plant & Earth, Electric & Dark, Metal & Ice

Sapphire: Assorted

  • Level 1: Earth & Ice, Plant & Water, Fire & Metal
  • Level 2: Earth & Ice, Electric & Water, Earth & Ice
  • Level 3: Earth & Ice, Fire & Metal, Electric & Dark
  • Level 4: Plant & Earth, Earth & Ice, Electric & Dark

Legend: Legend
Diamond: Assorted

  • Level 1: Plant & Earth, Fire & Dark, Plant & Dark
  • Level 2: Earth & Ice, Legend, Ice & Metal
  • Level 3: Ice & Metal, Legend, Fire & Dark
  • Level 4: Ice & Metal, Legend, Plant & Earth

Stages and Relevant Enemy Dragon Levels
Below is a rough estimate of the level of enemy dragons that you will face in Combat World. Higher ranked tournies typically have higher level dragons such as Legend and Diamond.

  • Level 1: Level 4~10. With the exception of Legendary and Diamond tourny.
  • Level 2: Level 10~20.
  • Level 3: Level 15~25.
  • Level 4: Level 20~30.

Final Words on Winning Combat World

Although this Combat World stage list can be helpful in the beginning of the Dragon City game, it becomes quite useless once you have obtained a full team of legendary or higher generation of dragons. The higher ranked dragons have higher health points as well as stronger attacks.

With the introduction of Dragon City Dragon Training Center, beating Combat World has become even easier. Just spend the time and effort to get yourself a legendary dragon team via breeding. Train each one of them with the strongest legendary attack. Level up all of the dragons to the max allowed by your levels and temples.

Clearing the Dragon City Combat world stages should be easy fights for you with the above mentioned setup. The best dragon to use will always be the highest ranked with the highest level. Higher level Dragons have higher attack and HP. It should be noted that as more dragons are introduced in the future updates of Dragon City, we believe that this pattern should not change.
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