ChefVille Rose and Recommendation Guide

Roses and Recommendations are key to expand your restaurants into new territories. In this guide, we will go over every single detail that you need to know about how to get more roses and ChefVill VIP recommendations in the game. If you have found this guide helpful, please share it with your Zynga and Facebook game friends! Please also check out the rest of our ChefVille guides.

ChefVille Roses and Recommendation Overview

You need to have recommendations in Chefville to unlock additional areas. Usually these areas go along with parts of the quests that ask you to have certain amount of recommendation. There are a couple of ways that you can obtain roses in the game, we will go over all of them starting with the best way. Then we will discuss on some notes that you should consider when going for recommendations.

How to Get ChefVille Roses

Below are all the ways on how you can get more ChefVille roses, please note that you have a limit of 20 roses that you can hold at any one time.

Collecting from Rose Stand
This is the most straight forward method of getting Chefville Roses. The Rose Stand has a cooldown time of 8 hours after you collect from it. Every collection grants you 3 roses. However, there is a Chefville trick that you can do to get more roses. After you collect from the rose stand, simply sell it and repurchase it. You can have unlimited numbers of roses because the relatively cost of Rose Stand is really cheap.

Note: The selling of Rose Stand in Chefville no longer works because Zynga had patched this glitch.

Friends Request for Roses
When you have 0 count of ChefVille roses and try to collect recommendation. You will see a pop up screen selling roses or ask you to request. You can request roses from your friends.

Purchase ChefVille Roses
You can purchase Chefville roses with Cash. However, this is the worst way of getting roses because it costs real money. Save your money instead to collect from the Rose stand or request from your friends.

Notes on Obtaining ChefVille Recommendations

Recommendation are the key to unlock more areas. You can “spend” roses when your customers hang a rose icon on top of their heads when they dine at your Chefville restaurants. However, this means that it is only possible when you actually have food to serve. Thus, when you are going for recommendations, avoid having a bunch of long timers on your cooking stations. Always have some food ready for your Chefville customers for you to serve them the roses.

Another consideration that you need to have is Energy cost. Serving roses for recommendation costs one energy. So, save your energy too when you are going after the recommendation cost.

Lastly, you have a Chefville recommendation limit of 100. At the beginning of the game you will not use recommendations that much, so do not go all out crazy and max the recommendation count too fast.


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