ChefVille Mastery Stars System Explained

Mastery Stars in Chefville are gained through making the dishes. In this guide, we will explore the different aspects of Mastery Star and how they can affect your game play. Please check out the rest of our ChefVille guides for more in game tips and information.

What is ChefVille Mastery Star

The Mastery Stars are earned when you successfully completed the dishes. You will earn mastery stars the following way for the beginner cooking stations.

1st Star = 1 preparation
2nd Mastery Star = 2 preparation
3rd Mastery Star = 3 preparation

As you unlock additional Chefville cooking stations as stated in our Chefville Complete Dish Recipe and Ingredient List, the advanced dishes will require even more tries to obtain the mastery. Thus it is important for you to keep track of all of your Chefville ingredients. Some higher level can require up to 10~30 times of cooking attempts to achieve Chefville Mastery star.

The Mastery stars in ChefVille acts as a multiplier boost which gives you additional servings as well as coins earned. Thus, it is beneficial for you to prepare the Chefville a couple of times to achieve higher Mastery stars.

How to Know How Many More Preparation to Level Up

You can check how many more ChefVille dish preparation that you need to do by going into the cooking screen. By checking the screen, you will also get vital ChefVille dish information such as the numbers of servings as well as the amount of coins generated.

Why Mastery Star is Important

ChefVille mastery stars are extremely important and you should focus on obtaining the lower level ones. With more mastery stars, you will be allowed to unlock different expansions that let you have even more ChefVille ingredients.

Mastery Stars and Ladder Ranking

You can see the numbers of total Chefville mastery stars that you have earned near the top of the screen. It should be noted that the friend’s ranking is also based on the numbers of Mastery stars. With it ranked as such, you can estimate how far along your friends on in the game of ChefVille.

How to Get Mastery Stars Easily

To get the mastery stars without trouble, your primary goal is to have as many different ingredients as possible by playing and collecting often. Consider cooking long duration items when you are going to be away from computer. Avoid cooking and wasting your precious ingredients after you have reached full ChefVille Mastery. And lastly, purchase a couple more cooking stations so that you can start several long duration dishes at the same time.

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