Best ChefVille Player Guide

To become the best Chef in Chefville takes some strategic planning and game play tips. In this guide, we will go over some of the key concepts for you to advance through the game. This guide is geared toward people who are new to the Facebook game, but however the advanced players can still read the guide if they are new to ChefVille. Use this guide to help you level up faster and cook more dishes. Please also check out the rest of our ChefVille guides that will help you with Chefville.

ChefVille Ingredients Gathering

ChefVille is all about gathering enough ingredients for your favorites dishes. You want to make sure that you always have enough ingredients. You can check out my beginner guide to ChefVille ingredients. The bottom line is that you need to plan ahead around your energy and Friend’s energy to gather the recipe ingredients.

ChefVille’s Importance of Friends

Friends are extremely important in Chefville like the most of the Zynga games. With friends, you will be able to staff different ingredient buildings, get additional ingredients by visiting them, obtain friends only Salt and Pepper, and roses. Thus, your primary goal in the beginning and mid game is to gather as many Chefville friends as possible. There are many guides written around getting more Facebook friends for social games so we will not repeat ourselves here.

ChefVille Roses and Recommendation

One of the major roadblock in your ChefVille gaming will be the lack of Chefville roses. Your goal is to get as many roses as possible because they can be turned into recommendations when you greet your customers. The Chefville roses can be earned in two ways: Rose Stand and request your friends. The Rose stand has a 8 hour refresh and gives you 3 roses per refresh. To get the moore Chefville roses, you will need to collect from your rose stand as often as possible.

For requesting roses from friends, only request those that you know are active in Chefville. Make sure that you request to all of them on a daily basis. With all the Chefville roses that you can get, you will be able to unlock recommendations for more playable areas and Chefville ingredients.

ChefVille Quests as Priority

There is not much that you can do outside of quests in Chefville, follow the different quests to the book is the best way. Because many of the areas, ingredients, and cooking station all require quests to unlock. You should only collect ingredients and cook for dishes after you have fulfilled all the quests requirements. You want to complete as many quests as possible to move forward in the story line of ChefVille.

Purchase Additional Cooking Stations

Every time you level up in the game, check your shop to see if additional ingredient locations and cooking stations have been unlocked. You want to keep yourself updated with the latest ChefVille tools and start collecting materials and cook dishes. In some cases you can have more than one of the same Chefville cooking station – such as the Grill. In this case, purchase as many of the Chefville cooking station so that you can cook multiple dishes and Chefville recipes at the same time.

Friend’s Restaurant and Ingredient Collection

This is noted again to stress the importance of adding neighbors on Chefville. By visiting your neighbors and collecting from Dishes or food stand for the Chefville ingredient that you lack, you can effectively by pass the need to request (Make more friend request on roses instead). Note the little signs on whether or not those items will drop the needed ingredient. One notable example early on in the game is Garlic, you need Garlic to mix Ranch dressing, but you will not get Garlic Food stand until later. However you can collect Chefville garlic if your friends have unlocked it.

The chance of getting the ingredient from friend’s restaurant varies. However we estimate the chance to be around 10~20%. What you can do is after you collect from friend’s food stand, leave and come back to collect again. Do this for the Chefville ingredient that you need at the time. Another bonus of collecting ingredient like this is to save your own Energy as well.

Salt and Pepper – Social Necessity

You can only obtain Salt and Pepper for free when you visit friend’s restaurant. So be sure to visit all of your neighbors on a daily basis to obtain these ingredients. Make sure to get as many Chefville friends who play the game to increase the amount of Salt and Pepper that you can gain.

Mastery Star and Chefville Advice

Getting mastery stars are important in Chefville. You should focus on clearing the low timer dishes first because they are easy. They also save you the chances of not able to do quests due to Cooking station cooking lock. Get as many Chefville mastery stars as you can to unlock different areas. You will need to fulfill mastery star requirement to complete quests, as well as unlocking some of the cooking stations.

ChefVille Cash Spending

At the point of writing, you mainly spend cash similar to the other Zynga games. You can purchase ingredients, roses, and staffing. It seems that coins are not that hard to come by in Chefville. However, we recommend you to save your Cash for future purposes when “limited” edition items come about that require you to purchase with Cash.

Please let us know if we have missed any ChefVille advice. Share these with your Zynga and Facebook friends!


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