Baseball Heroes Winning Games Strategy Guide

Winning in Baseball Heroes can help you level up faster and advance faster through the different leagues and seasons. In this guide, we will go over different factors that can make or break your game play. Use all of the strategy tips mentioned in this guide to help you in game. If you have found this Baseball Heroes gaming tutorial helped, please share them with your Facebook and Baseball Heroes friends! Please also check out our other Baseball Heroes guides written to help you in game.

Recruit Good Baseball Heroes Friends

When you recruit or sign your friends into your team, you will receive additional battle average score boost from them. Always sign up to have a full team or more players in your player roster. You can then rotate through them and only use the players who are in the top Baseball Heroes playing condition.

Collect and Use Special Player Cards

Take advantage of the special player cards system in Baseball Heroes. Collect a few higher rank players into your team so that you can use them frequently. Stronger players will have higher batting average and score you more hits and runs. You want to go after rank S or A cards to increase your chance of winning.

Enhance Baseball Heroes Special Players Card

You can make your Special players cards even stronger through the use of enhancements. Enhance them often whenever possible to increase their batting power.

Focus Your Skills

There are a few Baseball Heroes skills stat that you can invest in. Focus your skills on one or two only to receive the maximum effects from the skills. I personally like the Long or Luck stats to achieve longer hits and additional combo points for home runs.

Equip Baseball Heroes Gears

Gears can enhance your Baseball Heroes character greatly if you are willing to spend some real money into purchasing the equipment. However, even if you do not want to spend real cash, you should still spend the in game coins to buy the best possible gears to use. These gears to power up your characters skill stats.

Learn How to Hit Balls

This tip sounds dumb but it works, really learn how the different Baseball Heroes pitches work. If you can get your hits 100% of the time, you will greatly enhance the chance of your team winning against enemies in the different games. Practice and get perfect timing. Learn the location of different balls.

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