Baseball Heroes Skill Stats Guide

Depending on the type of Baseball Heroes character that you want to achieve, you can invest points into various skills or stats when you level up in the game. Below we will go over the different stats available in Baseball Heroes and how they can affect your game play. If you have found this guide helpful, please check out the rest of our Baseball Heroes guides.

How to Get Baseball Heroes Stat Points

You will earn 1 stat point for every level up that you obtain in the game. With the stat point, you can invest them into Contact, Power, or Luck. You can also equip your character with different Baseball Heroes gears to obtain various stats skills. It should be noted that the best gears for stat increases are mainly cash shop or Facebook credit items. All of the gears will give various bonuses to your skills including Contact, Power, and Luck.

Baseball Heroes Contact Skill

Contact stat increases that chance of hitting base hits. By spending the point on Contact stat, you will see “Contact Hit” more often in the game.

Power Skill Stat

The Baseball Heroes Power stat increases the range of your baseball hits. Power will increase the chance of you hitting “Power Hit”.

Luck Stat Skill for Baseball Heroes

Luck increase the amount of combo points that you can receive per base hit. Luck skill stat will also increase the chance of landing “Lucky Hit” in the game.

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