Baseball Heroes Scoring and Ranking Guide

Getting higher score in Baseball Heroes is important to advance fast in the game. In this basic beginner Baseball Heroes guide, we will go over the basic scoring and ranking information. If you have found this guide helpful, please check the our otherĀ Baseball Heroes list of guides.

Basic Baseball Heroes Scores and Bonuses

The game offers various xp and coin bonuses when you complete a certain requirement in the game. Below is a list of the requirements:

Finish a game.
20 XP and 100 Coins rewarded.

Win the game.
10 XP and 50 Coins rewarded.

3 or More RBI.
15 XP and 100 coins rewarded.

Rank S:
20 Hits and 10 Runs.
25 XP and 150 coins rewarded.

Obtain all of the previous Baseball Heroes score bonuses including: Game, Winner, MVP, and Rank S.
30 XP, 500 Coins

How is Ranking Determined in Baseball Heroes

The ranks for each game play is tallied up at the end of each game. The ranking is mainly determined by both your hit and runs for the entire team. The ranking ranges from rank D all the way to rank S.

Rank D: 5 Hit and 4 Runs or Less
Rank c:
Rank B:
Rank A: 10 Hit and 8 Runs
Rank S: 20 Hit and 10 Runs

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